Every restoration project begins with an idea, but translating that idea into reality takes vision and imagination. We take the time to get to know you, understand your expectations, and identify your goals.

We help you to fully express your vision, transforming your project style, power requirement, and ultimate purpose (daily driver?..world-class show car?) into an executable project design.

Project Engineering
It's amazing how many shops will just jump right in, not sure where they're going, or how long it will take. At Xtreme, it is our practice to finely engineer your vehicle from day one. We don't pick up a tool until there is a fully developed plan for the design, stylization, powertrain, features and finish for your automobile restoration.

We understand that fine automotive restoration doesn't start with steel. It starts with knowledge. What parts will be required? What's available and what will need to be fabricated? What level of detail will need to be achieved if competing? We work with you to answer all of these questions up front, ensuring that the car you want is the car you receive.

Scope & Timeline
We are a professional organization and take a professional approach to your project. The last thing an owner wants in his or her restoration project are surprises--surprise that parts aren't available, surprise how long things take, surprise that details were overlooked. At Xtreme, when surprises arise we'll help you to understand your options and overcome any unexpected roadblocks.

Each and every day we leverage our decades of experience to successfully bring freshly restored
daily drivers to the road and world-class, show-stopping dream cars to the stage.

Daily Team Meetings
At Xtreme your project gets personalized attention. In daily team morning review meetings we discuss that day's schedule and objectives for your vehicle.

Our highly specialized team members work in concert, knowing when their individual skills will be needed on your project. Todd Lewis personally oversees the day's work plan for each vehicle in our facility.

Constant Communication | Weekly Reporting
We believe that fine automotive restoration needs to be an iterative process. Our team works to ensure that you're involved in any substantive decisions and that your vision is accurately executed. Any changes in project scope or direction are fully articulated.

Clients receive a weekly detailed report and summary of the work completed and hours billed. You'll never wonder "what's happening with my car?"

At Xtreme, you'll always know.

Bringing Your Project to a Successful Completion
We work hard to address every possible detail before you arrive to take possession of your vehicle.

An Xtreme team member makes sure you understand every component of work that was done, the items that were purchased or fabricated, and the results of any engine or system testing that was requested.

Whether we're wrapping your car for shipment to a major auto show, or you're driving it out our bay doors yourself, you can be assured the vehicle is ready.

Included with every Xtreme Restoration project are:
- Project Photographs
- An Operational Checklist
- Complete Road Testing

For us, the story of your restoration is only beginning when your car leaves our facility. We're proud to play a pivotal role in the future legacy of your fine American automobile.