1959 Cadillac  ("Click" on pushpins for larger image)

1959 Cadillac - Owner: Lou "Doc" Querusio

This yellow 1959 Cadillac, Lou's long-time dream car, was purchased in September, 2004 on eBay. As often happens, the car was not in quite the condition it was described to be. But Doc was anxious to drive it, and came to the Xtreme team hoping to get at least one season of driving in before a planned full restoration was undertaken. Upon inspection, Xtreme realized that this wasn't going to happen-shoddy brakes, oil burning engine, poor electrical, and rusty floors were going to keep the Caddy off the road. A new plan was put in place.

Once the car was apart and all the rust addressed, Jack Carroll of Carroll Car Design was brought in to start sketching out some custom ideas. Doc, a long-time custom lover, started slow, but with each custom item came another. What you see is the amazing result. The car was finished and debuted at the 2009 Detroit Autorama. The award history since is becoming the stuff of legend:

2009 Detroit Autorama: 2nd place in class
2010 Grand National Roadster Show: 1st place in class
2010 Sacramento Autorama: 1st place in class, Outstanding Overall Custom
2010 On Display, Petersen Auto Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Poor Doc. He's still waiting to get his dream Caddy out on the open road.