1968 AMX  ("Click" on pushpins for larger image)

Wicked: 1968 AMC AMX - Owner: Peter White

Ahhh. Not another Camaro or Mustang. This 1968 AMC AMX was purchased by current owner Peter White in 1981. After servicing Peter through his high school and college years the car went into long term storage. In 2007, after its long hibernation, Peter wanted to rebuild the car with "a little more horsepower and better handling capacities". After lots of planning and engineering with the Xtreme Team and designer Jack Carroll the Wicked AMX concept was born.

The team at Xtreme took this project very seriously and built what you see in just 18 months. This car is 100% custom. Although body changes are very discrete, make no mistake--this car is Wicked custom.

- Front and Rear Suspension: Custom designed and built.
- Engine: custom built all Aluminum 451ci 700+ hp.
- Transmission: 5-speed Richmond.
- Roll Cage: custom bent 8 point.
- Interior: custom fabricated , seating 2005 GTO.
- Body mods: custom rear spoiler, custom front spoiler, tucked and smoothed bumpers, custom
  fabricated Rocker panels, wheel wells radiused 4". Custom RAM AIR Hood, Smoothed Cowl,
  custom graphic, blackout molding.
- Exhaust: Custom Headers, through frame side exit system.
- Fuel Delivery: Rick's custom 22 gal tank, Kinsler Fuel Injection.

The details are too much to list here. For more see the feature build article in Popular HotRodding Magazine, May 2010.

The car debuted at Detroit Autorama as a Ridler Contender and went on to win 4 awards at the event, including Outstanding Street Machine, Best Street Machine Interior, Promoters Show Pick and 1st in class (street touring 1955-pressent).