Hot Rods
The word "hot rod" lacks specific definition, but you know one when you see one. There's a certain nostalgia to the look, combined with an element of individuality, rebellion, unbridled energy, and just a hint of risk taking. A good hot rod has "the look"--a look of originality, personality, and clarity of design. A GREAT hot rod takes all of that, and blasts it out of the box. At Xtreme, we'll help you take a good idea and make it great. We understand hot rod style and engineering, and we bring innovation to every hot rod project. We help you bring the style, design, power, and attitude you're seeking together, and translate them onto four wheels.

Throw away the rule books. There are no rules. There are no standards. Bring your dream, and let's make it happen. Whatever your goal for looks, performance, or handling, we can help design it, engineer it, and completely build it here, on-site in our facility.

Selecting Xtreme for your custom project is a smart choice. Along with the freedom of ideas in executing custom builds and modifications comes substantial risk. It's all got to work together. Amazingly, nearly 60% of the custom builds and modification projects we undertake were started elsewhere. In most cases the original shop hadn't fully engineered the project and it simply didn't come together, or the skills required to source, modify or manufacture the pieces were absent.

We fully engineer your project from the start. We know in advance which parts we need to source, which we may need to fabricate, what the level of finish detail will be and what your car's purpose will be. And we'll keep you abreast of our progress in weekly written reports.

Experience, skill, and peace of mind. It's simply a better way to do business.