Assembly & Machine Shop


Details, details, details. Every restoration shop needs an eye for detail and Mark is the detail guy on the Xtreme Team. Mark is basically the last one to handle a restored or customized car, he is making sure all the chrome is polished, the decals are installed correctly, all the gauges and lights work, the gas tank is filled before delivery, and there is not a speck of dirt that can be found.

When not preparing vehicles for delivery Mark has other important responsibilities here at Xtreme. He is the guy who organizes all the parts. Keeping it all organized is key to efficient assembly. Mark’s prior employment earned him a lot of experience behind a polishing wheel. All stainless steel is straightened and buffed to perfection by Mark right here in-house. Responsibilities also include all those parts nobody ever thinks of, all the details behind the scene.

All this attention to "Xtreme" detail is part of his normal service and we all know details make the difference.


Rudy has dabbled in cars since he was 10 years old, getting more seriously involved as time went on. He decided that maybe he could make a living using his considerably developed skills (many of those skills were from spending many days alongside Richard – his uncle).

Joining the Xtreme Team in 2005, Rudy has furthered his knowledge and skills to become a top-notch builder. Although Rudy is above average in all mechanical and assembly phases he excels in several varied areas. Custom exhaust systems, high watt – high tech stereo and video systems, electrical systems, roll cage fabrication and welding are some of his favorites. Learning new things every day Rudy is no doubt going to be a legend in the car hobby.

Born to drive fast, Rudy is right at home here at Xtreme.