Driver Upgrades
We have years of experience taking vintage and classic cars, and upgrading them for driver comfort, road-worthiness, inspections, and safety.

Whether you're adapting your vehicle to be street ready or looking to add features like better braking, exhaust or air conditioning without destroying the classic look and appeal of your car, we have the experience and craftsmanship you require to get many more decades from your classic automobile.

Over Restored
Over-restoring let's you take a classic car and transform it from "what they built" into "what they should have built." The key to over-restoring is knowing and maintaining the original design standard and lines, but utilizing better paint finishes, showier chrome, straighter lines, upgraded upholstery, or nicer carpet to transform it from the original to the standard that YOU would have built.

With a little help from Xtreme craftsmen, it will still be a classic, your classic.

Original Equipment Restorations (OER)
Successful, competition quality OER's represent the highest level of the art of automotive restoration. There are two primary challenges in OERs. The first is identifying and documenting the original standard detail, sometimes down to the lettering style on the fan belts. The second is resourcing the necessary parts. Some parts simply aren't available.

Among Xtreme's OER's are several that have been built to NCRS Top Flight Standards, MOPAR OE Gold Award, and Shelby American Div 2 Standard (SAAC).

Xtreme is an expert in accessing the documentation required to reproduce original manufacturer detail, sometimes from archived materials, often from industry and auto company experts that were there at the time--perhaps even involved in the original designs themselves. We also have 20 years of networking experience. We know how to find survivor cars for use as reference. We also know where to find original parts--often through personal relationships we've developed over the years. And finally, if the part doesn't exist, we'll manufacture it ourselves to a competition-level specification. Original equipment or Xtreme reproduction? We're proud that even the judges won't know.